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A small sample of the case we have dealt with.



R v EP 

The defendant was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. The organised crime group, including the defendant, laundered criminal funds which had been stolen from members of the public, including large well-known companies, using a variety of methods. After the money was stolen, it was then transferred online into various ‘mule’ bank accounts before eventually being put into an account where it could be withdrawn as cash.  The group is believed to have benefited by more than £1 million. There was a large volume of case papers in this case, amounting to over 40,000 pages.


R v MR 

Operation Brasshand was an investigation by the Metropolitan police organised crime unit. It targeted an east London organised criminal gang that was involved in the industrial-scale theft of vehicles from the London area. The method employed to commit the thefts of these vehicles was either a residential burglary or electronic keyless theft. The value of the thefts amounted to over £3 million pounds. Our client was claimed by the prosecution to be involved in the money laundering aspect of the crime.


Re -v- Mr C

This case involved the biggest fraud committed against a UK bank at the time of the offence. The value put by the prosecution was 90 million Euros.


R -v-Mr O and others

This case was concerned with mortgage fraud by a group, including a solicitor. We defended a solicitor that the prosecution claimed was an integral part of the fraud. The client was found not guilty.


Drugs Cases


R v AG

Proceedings were commenced against the defendant when he was charged with the offence; Conspiracy to supply controlled drugs of class A, namely cocaine. The conspiracy involved national wholesale distribution of multi-kilograms of cocaine by a highly professional organised crime group. The prosecution claimed that over the period of the conspiracy, just under 1 tonne of drugs was supplied.


R v NI

Proceedings were commenced against the defendant when he was charged with the offences: Possession with intent to supply a controlled drug (Class B); Robbery; two offences of Possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition. The charges included money laundering.  After trial, the defendant was acquitted of the firearm offences and the robbery count fell at half time.


R-v-Mr S

The client was arrested for being involved in a conspiracy to supply 10 kilos of heroin. He was arrested after the police mounted a surveillance operation that lasted for a considerable period of time. The drugs were found after the police intercepted a convoy of cars. Two co-defendants pleaded guilty, receiving sentences of 10 and 18 years. Our client was acquitted unanimously by the jury.

The case was heard at Southwark Crown court.


R-v- Mr S

The client was charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs, namely heroin. This was after an undercover policeman, posing as a buyer, recorded conversations where the client offered to sell 2 kilos of drugs every month to the undercover police officer. We successfully obtained bail for the client. The client absconded before his trial.


R -v-  Mr B and others

The case involved a conspiracy to supply drugs involving defendants from Spain, South America and the UK. Our client was a Spanish lorry driver who was arrested with over 60 kilos of cocaine in his lorry. His fingerprints were on some of the blocks that contained the drugs. All the other defendants, in this case, pleaded guilty. After a trial, our client was acquitted.


R-v-Mr G and others

The case involved the Turkish mafia who, the prosecution claimed, were plotting to flood the streets of London with heroin. The leader of the group, the prosecution claimed, was a member of a Turkish militant group involved in a wave of bomb attacks in the 1970’s. The gang had international connections in Holland and Turkey. The case involved a variety of sources of evidence, including the use of telephone intercepts and significant covert surveillance. We represented two of the defendants, both of whom were granted bail whilst awaiting trial. All the other defendants were in custody awaiting trial.


R-v- Mr S and others.

Our client was a lorry driver that had been arrested with others. In his lorry, custom officers found 40 kilos of heroin. Two of the defendants pleaded guilty (including the client’s co-driver). Our client was found not guilty. The other defendants received sentences of 10 years and upwards.


R-v-Mr S

This case was concerned with the production of cannabis on a large scale involving the Vietnamese community. There were also English co-defendants. In addition to the drugs matter, this case also involved the kidnapping of rival gang members. Our client was alleged to have been the right-hand man of the main defendant. After successfully negotiating with the prosecution, our client pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He was released soon after the sentencing hearing due to time being served whilst on remand.




R –v- Mr K and one other

We represented 4 clients who were charged with attempted murder after the alleged victim identified them as being the persons who stabbed him. After a lengthy trial at the Central Criminal court, all were acquitted.


R-v-Mr K

The client was identified by a prosecution witness after an identification parade, as being part of a group that murdered an Albanian national after an incident in a public house. The case involved extensive forensic evidence. The defendant was found not guilty. (The co-defendant received a 15-year sentence).


R -v-Mr B

The case involved a gang that targeted eastern Europeans who were migrant workers. The gang demanded a ransom, and after the family were unable to pay, the victim was severely assaulted and left on Wanstead flats to die. It was only by chance a person walking his dog in the early hours of the morning found the victim and his life was saved by the emergency services. We represented the gang leader and the second in command, and after a lengthy trial, involving extensive use of telephone and forensic evidence, our client was given a sentence of 6 years. This case was at the Central Criminal Court.


R-v-Mr A

The victim was the son of a Pakistani tycoon who was beaten to death and his body was then set on fire after being left in a wasteland. The group then used the victim’s credit cards to go on a spending spree before heading off to different countries. This case involved vast amounts of forensic and telephone evidence.


R- v-PR

The defendant was one of 4 charged with murder. It was alleged that the victim was a drug dealer and that a tracker was placed under his car, in order for the defendants to locate the source of his drugs. The victim was approached by the 4 defendants and when he put up a struggle, he was stabbed, and subsequently died from his injuries. The prosecution relied upon CCTV and extensive cell site analysis to prove their case. The defendant was found not guilty of murder.





R-v- Mr T and Mr D and others

Our clients were alleged to have been part of a group that targeted migrant workers who worked in Boston, Lincoln. The prosecution claimed that they kidnapped and tortured a migrant worker to extort money. The clients were found not guilty of 7 charges.


R-v-Mr BR and others

It was claimed by the prosecution that our client was a member of an organised crime group. The client was accused of kidnapping a person, who had stolen a sum of money from him. The alleged victim was so fearful of what was to happen to him, that he swallowed metal tweezers and scissors in the hope of being taken to hospital with stomach pains (removed successfully by doctors). The victim was escorted to court by police armed with sub-machine guns. The client denied the allegation and after a trial at the Old Bailey, was found not guilty.





R-v-Mr A and one other

Our client and his friend were charged with raping an officer working for Customs and Excise at a hotel after a party. Our client was found not guilty. 


R-v- Mr B

Our client was charged with the rape of his wife. In court whilst giving evidence, she gave evidence that our client had raped her on numerous occasions in the past. The client was found not guilty.




R-v-Mr A

The client was charged alongside numerous others in being concerned with supplying drugs and evading tobacco duty. The case involved extensive police surveillance and use of telephone evidence. The client was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment after lengthy negotiations with the police prior to a guilty plea.




 R v GI

The largest armed robbery in Cornwall’s history

The prosecution claimed this was an organised group, with all but one of the defendants having flown in from abroad to carry out the robbery. After the robbery, they were due to fly out the next day. The offence was an armed robbery at a jewellery shop when four masked males entered the jewellers in Truro armed with a  gun, crowbars and containers capable of dispensing a noxious substance. The items stolen were valued at over 1 million. The prosecution’s case being that our client organised the robbery.


R-v-Mr J and others

A gang was charged with gun-running. The prosecution’s case being that they hid an arsenal of pistols, silencers, and ammunition in the fuel tanks of cars and then smuggled them into Britain. Our client was found not guilty by the jury. All the other defendants in the case were given a custodial sentence.


R v CK (Wood Green Crown Court)

This case concerned an incident that occurred in North London, which the prosecution claimed was a hit on a well-known member of a London based crime family. A gun was discharged and the client was identified as being at the scene due to video evidence and the police interview of the co-defendant. After extensive representations on behalf of the client, the case was dropped by the CPS against him.





 R-v-Mr A and others

This case involved a multinational gang that forced foreign teenagers to become prostitutes. Once the girls were brought in, they would then be sold to other gangs and be forced into prostitution. A senior police officer after the case stated “It is the only area of criminality I know where different nations have worked together. Usually, they are clannish and territorial. This operation ran for a year and they were making millions of pounds from prostitution and drugs.”

The police carried out an extensive covert operation prior to arresting all the defendants. Our client who was alleged to have run a number of brothels pleaded guilty after negotiations with the prosecution and received a 2-year sentence.


R- Miss T and others

The client was alleged to have been a madam of numerous brothels in north London over a period of 5 years. The police carried out an extensive surveillance operation lasting over 9 months. The prosecution alleged that over £500,000 in profit was made from just one of the brothels. We successfully obtained bail for the client. The client later absconded.


 Our Clients Testimonials

a small sample of our clients comments about our service

“Thank you for much. My criminal case was causing me sleepless nights, but Mr Shah convinced me that I had a good defence, He employed a barrister who was fantastic in court. It’s so true, that a good criminal defence is teamwork between the client , solicitor and counsel. I now understand this to be true, although, at the time, I did not quite appreciate what I was being told. Once again, a big thank you  “

RA from London

  “ What a result !. I still cant believe I am a free man. I cant thank you enough, after being convicted at my first trial, I had given up hope, but thank God, you refused to accept the result, and successfully appealed the verdict. The result of the second trial, means I am a free man. I want to thank you for not giving up on me  “

   RB from Beckton

“Great result, great firm, i cant recommend you guys enough”

SP in Ilford


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